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This page was last updated June 19, 2017.


What is Blue Ritual?
Blue Ritual is a project I embarked on in 2014 in order to create interesting, artful, bodysafe erotic sculptures.  
Who made it?
Blue Ritual is ran by myself, Yves, a 24 year old artist and craftsperson with an interest in a lot of unusual things.  Some pours and shipping duties are performed by my partner, while certain designs are the result of collaborations with other artists.

What are your toys made out of?  Are they body-safe?
All of my toys are made from 100% platinum-cure silicone and nontoxic pigment.  This is an excellent material to use for adult toys, as it's nonporous, soft to the touch, durable, and easy to sterilize.  They are body safe and should not cause any allergic reactions.
Why do some items have flaws?
Minor flaws are an inevitable part of the artistic process. Small aesthetic issues that do not effect the usage of the item are notated on an item's description. These castings are sold at a discount, and are a great way to pick up a desired model frugally. I do not and will not sell any items with dangerous or severe flaws.
How soft or firm are your toys?
Three firmnesses are offered, referred to as Soft, Medium, and Firm. Please view the Custom Casting Information page for more information.
Are the colorants and additives used in your toys safe?
I use only nontoxic pigments and other additives (i.e. glow in the dark powder) in my creations. Safety is one of my top concerns with regards to what I sell-- if it's on here, it's safe.
I have ____ allergy.  Is your workspace clean?
My workspace is in a non-smoking, pet-free home. 

How should I keep Blue Ritual toys clean?
When you first receive your Blue Ritual toy, it's a good idea to thoroughly wash it off yourself. To clean your toy, just use an unscented soap and warm water.  For maximum cleanliness, boiling a toy for ten minutes is a great way to sterilize.  Just be careful handling it afterwards, silicone really holds heat.
How should I store Blue Ritual toys?
Try not to squish them down too much for extended periods of time, and don't let them touch any toys of unknown materials.  In theory, it should be fine to store them with other platinum-cure toys.  A lot of people like to keep their toys in airtight containers, which will prevent the silicone from absorbing odors around it, such as cigarette smoke.
How long do Blue Ritual toys last?
With proper care and cleaning, Blue Ritual toys should last for many years, if not longer.
What types of lubricants are compatible with your toys?
Waterbased lubricants only!  Lubricants containing silicone can have nasty reactions. I definitely recommend you Google if your lubricant of choice is silicone toy safe first, you never know with some products and there's usually plenty of reviews out there.
Is your shipping discrete?
I ship in ordinary cardboard boxes, with a big white shipping label and transparent packaging tape.  My PO box is listed as the return address and contains no identifying information for snoopy roommates.
Where do you ship to?
International (non-USA) shipping is available!

Will my personal information be kept private?
Your address and name are used only for shipping and billing, which are kept secure by Shopify. Your email address (nor any of your other information) will never be used for marketing purposes, unless you explicitly and purposefully sign up for the (eventual!) newsletter. 

I have a problem with my order!
If you have a problem with you order or you have somehow received a faulty product, please let me know and I'll be happy to work out a solution with you.  I care very much about my customers being satisfied!