Custom Casting Information

By order a custom casting, you are confirming that you have read and agree to the terms listed below.

  • Ordering a custom casting entitles you to one casting of your selected design, firmness, color, and pattern.  
  • While any color and pattern can be attempted, perfect color matching is not guaranteed. 
  • Certain designs have certain quirks associated with their molds.  It is up to you to thoroughly read the description of the commission slot you are buying to be aware of these!
  • Currently available designs are visible on the Custom Castings category of this website.  
  • Designs which are currently sold-out are displayed as such. 

The components of a custom casting are firmness, color, and pattern.  Let's talk about each of these:


Firmness determines how hard or soft the casting may be, measured via the Shore hardness scale.  


Shore Hardness


Soft 00-30 Squishy and forgiving, easy to compress.  Textures might feel smoother. 
Medium 00-50 Middle-of-the-road squishiness.  The most popular selection, and a safe bet if you're unsure.
Firm A10 Difficult to compress.  Textures feel very evident. 



A commission may include up to five discrete colors.  Colors can be any combination of the following properties:

★ Hue:  The basic color of the pigment-- red, orange, yelllow, et cetera...

★ Opacity:  How transparent the silicone is:  for example, see-through blue.

★ Metallic / Matte: Metallic colors sparkle in the light and look glittery, while matte colors do not.

★ Glow-in-the-dark: Available for an extra fee-- cyan glow in the dark pigment.   The pigment colors the silicone a ghostly white, but glows bright cyan.  Can be added to other (pale) colors to provide a different base color (though the glow will still be cyan).


Patterning can combine these colors in all manner of unique ways:

 ★ Flat: One solid color.

 Gradient: Smooth transition from one color to another.

★ Marble: Colors are are mixed and swirled together. Finer marbles create very feathery, delicate effects, while chunky marbles are more like stripes.

★ Stripes: Stripes of differing colors. Can be difficult to guarantee they'll all be the exact same width.

★ Split: Sudden color transition, such as from shaft to base (or anywhere else).

★ Highlight: A thin layer of silicone is applied to the inside of the mold, highlighting crevices and details. Somewhat experimental!

★ Drip: Opaque silicone is dripped down the inside of the mold to give the illusion of dripping fluids.

Here's some examples of prior castings, to give you an idea of what some of these may look like:



Drip (with flat base and marbled shaft)


Gemstone (A lacey, stripey, multi-color marble with transparency)

Marble (with flat base)



 As silicone is a unique, nuanced material, some pours are more difficult than others to create according to the buyer's request.  If your pour does not come out accurately, I will attempt another pour up to three times.  Pours that come out inaccurately will be sold as normal stock.